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We all love water, especially in our lovely Collin County community. We have such a beautiful area here in Collin, and as expected for Texas, we have our fair share of hot and dry days. However, nothing beats the heat like a little rain shower. With average precipitation being between 30 to 40 inches yearly for our county, we appreciate every inch we can get, but sometimes, too much water can lead to problems, especially when it comes to our homes.

When it rains, and water slides across the surface of your roof, it usually makes its way into your gutter. The water can then safely make its way down the gutter, out the downspouts, and into the ground. Very rarely do you find a house without a gutter, as they are important in protecting the integrity and to some degree safety of your home from water damage. Water can be just as dangerous as it is important.

Let’s say your gutter is filled to the brim with dead leaves, loosened soil, and other debris left over from the previous winter. When spring and summer storms come along, leaving your gutters unchecked could pose a serious risk to your property. Blocked gutters stall water trying to escape the downspout. If clogged up seriously and not taken care of, then the dead leaves are at risk of rotting and stinking your home up. Furthermore, if the water has nowhere to go, it could end up down inside your own home. Excess water could leak through the walls, causing water damage, and in more serious cases, it could lead to the growth of mold or mildew in the building. Uncleaned gutters also pose a serious risk to the building’s foundation. Gutters guide rainwater away from the foundation, and if your gutters aren’t functioning at peak efficiency, then excess water could build up around the foundation, causing cracks and other forms of damage.


All of these scenarios are unpleasant. Nobody wants a shabby looking house, and nobody wants to pay to fix it if it can be avoided. One of the easiest ways to prevent these risks is to have your gutters cleaned. In our area, it is highly recommended that you have your gutter taken care of at least once or twice a year; maybe more if your home has a higher blockage rate due to tree proximity. During the spring and fall is the ideal time to get this done, before rainwater can hinder any progress.

At Clear Choice, we take pride in our work, trying to upkeep your home to the best standard. While windows are more obvious to look at than gutters, that does not make their maintenance any less important toward the integrity of your home. We would be glad to offer our services in both areas so you can have a home you and your family can be proud living in.

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